Website Designing and Development

We create an unique designs for your customers

Our website designing team works with the advance way to design and develop a website for our customers and while designing it we always cordinate our customers to provide them best output from there website.

We have been designing websites since our inception, with almost two decades of experience in website design, we can assure you that your branding requirements are in right hand, we not only just design your website, but we also edit contents, which is the main aspect of designing a website. We design your website as per the latest technology trends so that your website loads correctly on client browsers and does not lets you down.

We design responsive websites which are written in HTML5 and we use JQuery for slideshow and user interaction, Responsive websites are device independent, responsive websites adjusts the layout of the website as per the client device, the same website will look beautiful on computer, mobile and tablet, on computer the user can interact with the website through mouse and on tablet or mobile, the responsive website can easily understand the gestures made by the fingers or joystick.

Why Do I need a Website

You need a website to promote your business online, you need a website to support direct marketing, as soon as people come to know about your products or servies, they search about you on the internet, if they do not find a professional reference about you, they might neglect you, once they find your website, they go through the same and feel themselves comfortable that they are doing business with a legal entity.

How do we design the website

We design the website in these simple steps -
1. Create Mockup - We understand your requirements and we provide you with a mockup design of your future homepage, we identify the colors suitable to your business and target audience, we design the layout so that it is accessible through all types of devices.
2. Design the Website - Once you approve our mockup, we start develop all the required web pages which are a part of your website, we add contents and pictures, we write the relevant codes, create the database, write sql queries and complete the entire website.
3. Website Testing - When we complete the designing, we test your website on different browsers and devices, we test for any broken links, errors, spelling mistakes and we also carry out stress testing so that hackers cannot break through your website. We fix everything which is noticed after the website has been tested
4. Website Launch - After the website tests are sucessful, we launch your website on the webserver and make the website go live.
5. Website Maintenance - We regularly monitor your website so that it works properly and does not hangs or produce any errors, we also update your website as and when required.

What Kind of Websites We Design

We design websites with various technologies, we have worked for various industries, and we have classified our website design services into the following categories -
Corporate Website Design - This is the most common type of website design service, here we design the website without any database, we designs product pages, service pages, company details, directors, branch details and feedback etc, this service can be used by anyone who just needs a website, this is suitable for most industries.
eCommerce Website Design - eCommerce websites are meant for selling products or services online, this is suitable for anyone who wants to offer products or service online and accept payments online
Database Website Design - Database driven websites are dynamic websites where you publish information which is pulled from a database, these websites are good for client servicing, online feedback, trading website, real estate website etc
Marketing Website Design - Marketing websites are product specific website which provides information about a particular produc, these are online brochures and very helpful in marketing
CMS Website Design - CMS websites are content management websites which allow owners to manage the complete website without knowing how to code
Startup Website Design - Startup websites are for people who are just launching there business and need a quick website
Website AMC - Website AMC is a service where we regularly monitor and maintain your website and keep it updated from time to time