Windows Hosting

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Powered by Windows 2008, Plesk (Demo), ASP.NET, MySQL, PHP, IIS and more

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Windows hosting is web hosting services offered on Microsoft Windows Server platform, Windows web hosting include support for different Microsoft technologies which includes .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access or Microsoft Exchange Server.

Microsoft or Microsoft Windows are propritory software, these software are not available free of cost, a certain license fee is to be paid to Microsoft and hence are relatively expensive as compared to Linux web hosting services.

Microsoft Technologies

When you opt for Windows based web hosting services, you can benefit your web application by using many Microsoft Technologies and framework, you can develop your web application in ASP, ASP.NET, you can also use WSDL and deploy web services developed on Microsoft .NET framework. Our web servers support Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.5.

Database Support

On Microsoft hosting platform, you have option to use different database like Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access or ODBC. We have also drivers installed drives for MyODBC.NET which helps you access non Microsoft Database management system such as MySQL, DB2 or Oracle.

Email Support

Microsoft Windows comes with builtin POP and SMTP Servers, if you have hired a dedicated server, you can also purchase Microsoft Exchange, it helps you to synchronize emails with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Mobile and also supports web based email transactions.